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Advocacy and Stewardship

Our priority is effective stewardship, monitoring and environmental management practices to help educate our communities and protect the health of our lake ecosystems.


Good stewardship and advocacy revolves around effective communication strategies and collective action. Over the next five years, we will continue to expand our membership by canvassing or creating individual lake associations, and strengthening our communication network with other watershed associations. 

We will also continue to foster our relationships with the provincial government, relevant government departments and stakeholders to ensure that lake environmental management is at the forefront of effective water and environmental policy at both a provincial and municipal level.


Our Mandate

  • To facilitate and support a province-wide ‘Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program’.

  • To promote the formation of new lake associations and support the work of existing lake associations.

  • To improve lake education related to water quality, stewardship and lake management issues

  • To facilitate and promote public awareness campaigns related to invasive species, water quality and climate change through interactive, education workshops and outreach initiatives.

  • Continue to bolster relationships with other lake organizations, watershed groups and nonprofits and encourage collective action.

  • Coordinate strategic plans for effective political engagement and action to foster a healthy, rewarding relationship with the government and ensure that the importance of New Brunswick lakes and water systems are supported.

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