Lakes in the News

Many of our individual lake associations are often in the news representing the wonderful projects they are doing to ensure and promote healthy lake ecosystems for all New Brunswickers.

We think they deserve to be recognized!


monitoring blue-green algae in chamcook

The Chamcook Watershed Lakeowners Association has been monitoring Chamcook Lake for blue-green algae blooms since 2015.

Check out this CBC news stories covering their work!

Credit: CBC News, Catherine Harropp

Harvey Lake implements signage

In 2016, the Harvey Lake Association implemented an effective communication strategy around its shorelines to ensure that all swimmers and lake community members were aware of the risks around algae blooms.

Credit: CBC News, Oscar Baker III



Eurasian watermilfoil in the saint john watershed

Eurasian watermilfoil continues to be a major concern in many different water systems.

Credit: CBC News, Elizabeth Fraser