New Brunswick Alliance of Lake Associations

Five Year Strategic Vision: 2020-2025

In Fall of 2018, the NBALA executive met to discuss the future of the organization moving forward. In order to continue to promote healthy, sustainable lake ecosystems, we need to ensure a sustainable organization and volunteer network is maintained. Building off our four pillars approach to sustainability, we will continue to support and bolster stewardship, advocacy, volunteer lake monitoring and invasive plants patrol programs.

At our 2018 Annual General Meeting in November, we conducted a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis with the individual lake associations to strategically hone in on practices, funding and resources to address, prevent and alleviate these present and future concerns. The following is a result of this exercise and a guide moving forward:


Stewardship and advocacy:

Good stewardship and advocacy actions revolve around effective communication strategies and lobbying for collective action. Over the next five years, the NBALA will continue to expand our membership by canvassing or creating other individual lake associations, and strengthen a communication network with other watershed associations. We will continue to foster a relationship with the provincial government, relevant government departments and stakeholders to ensure that lake environmental management is at the forefront of good, effective water and environmental policy at a provincial and municipal level.

volunteer lake monitoring

We will strengthen the volunteer lake monitoring program by increasing our number of monitoring volunteers and the reserve for equipment including dual probes and bathymetry mapping.


invasive plants program

We will strengthen the invasive plant patrol program by offering annual in-class and on the water paddle workshops for lake association members to attend and learn about how to identify and prevent the spread of invasive plants in New Brunswick lakes.