The New Brunswick Alliance of Lake Associations membership package includes :

For the cost of an annual fee of $150.00, individual lake association members are given access to:

Education Materials

The NBALA offers many important education materials to member lake associations including the Clean, Drain, Dry signage, Invasive Plants Patrol Guide and Invasive Plants Identification Cards.

Workshops and Programs

When you become a member of the NBALA you can participate in our coordinated, province-wide volunteer lake monitoring program that partners with the Environmental Trust Fund and the Department of Environment and Local Government to train volunteers to gather important water measurements that supports research initiatives and environmental policy. You also have direct access to our successful Invasive Plants Patrol Program.

Commercial Liability Insurance

Individual associations are automatically covered by a commercial general liability insurance policy that protects officers and directors from personal liability, repairs or replaces water monitoring equipment and covers any accidents involving volunteer members. This helps keep a peace of mind so lake associations can collect data without worrying about insurance costs.

Influencing, Lobbying and Advocacy

With the support of its members, the NBALA represents and speaks publicly on behalf of lake associations and their property owners that respects good public policy and other matters of shared concern and interest


The NBALA data collection work supports academic research through educational institutes like the Canadian Rivers Institute at the University of New Brunswick