Youth Ambassadorship Program 2019

Molly Cook, NBALA Youth Ambassador of 2019 outside Lake George with a CDD sign

Molly Cook, NBALA Youth Ambassador of 2019 outside Lake George with a CDD sign

THe new brunswick alliance of lake associations is pleased to announce…

Our 1st Invasive Plant Youth Ambassador - Molly Cook

This program involves youth reaching out to other youth in a school setting, to pass along the message of the realities of, and dangers of invasive species.

Molly Cook, a resident of St. George, and summertime resident of Lake George, is the first youth ambassador in this program.Molly is a grade 7 student and has been an active member of the Lake George Plant Patrol group for the past two years. This past winter, Molly undertook a science fair project on the topic of ‘Invasive Species”. As part of her research, she met with Dr. Meghann Bruce, a plant biologist at UNB. This was great motivator for Molly and also, it was here that the seed was planted for the “Youth Ambassador Program.” In the month of June, Molly with guidance from her science teacher, made presentations to two grade 8 classes at Fundy Middle School and 1 grade 5 class at St. George Elementary School. An important component of the message that is delivered to students in these classroom visits, is the theme “ Clean, Drain, Dry,” relating to volunteer inspections of water craft, trailers and all gear. Given the recent discovery of a very dangerous aquatic invasive plant, Eurasian water-milfoil, in areas of the Saint John River, this message is important as many recreational and sport boaters frequent both waters of our lakes and the Saint John River.

This “Youth Ambassador Program” has the capability of educating those that use our waterways by making contact with the youth, who then can carry the message to the adults.Future plans for the “Youth Ambassador Program” would include expanding the program to different areas of the province and to partner with other groups working with invasive species.

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