Best Practices Guide

The NBALA Annual General Meeting in November 2018 successfully administered its first ‘Best Practices’ Survey in an effort to ensure consistent management practices were being implemented in all of the lake associations.


best practices survey

Our Stewardship Coordinator, created a “Best Practices” Survey that was distributed at the 2018 AGM. The results of this survey will help us to create a “Best Practices Guide” in 2019.

The initial survey found that all lake member associations are dealing with similar areas of concern including invasive plants, blue-green algae blooms, climate change and water quality.

Many of the lakes shared similar actions to remediate these concerns including: signage, water monitoring, close reporting with DELG and education awareness campaigns

best practices guide

In 2019, the New Brunswick Alliance of Lake Associations will work alongside its fellow member lakes to help devise a comprehensive, straight-follow “Best Practices Guide” so that each individual lake is on the same page when it comes to effective, good environmental management practices for our lakes.